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Important GEC Communications
Posted ( Friday, Nov 20, 2020 ) -- The GEC Hub team will be unavailable due to Ford Holiday beginning Nov 26 - Nov 29. Onboarding requests will be delayed and addressed beginning Nov 30 in the order it was received. For any urgent /critical issues please contact the help desk at 888-317-4957 and request a ticket for the appropriate application queue: GEC Hub - APP OPS GECHUB 101 SOLMIS - APP OPS SOLMIS 101 GSEC - APP OPS GSEC 101
Posted ( Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020 ) -- Message delivery in GECHub was impacted between 12.30AM and 3.30AM EST, 18-NOV-2020, due to network issues. All failed messages have been reprocessed. Please use Advisory # 76842 to claim demerit points due to this issue.
Posted ( Monday, Jul 27, 2020 ) -- As of 8/2/2020 the following fields will be mandatory with all new connection request and change connection request: Escalation 1 and Escalation 2 details. If Escalation 2 details do not exist then repeat Escalation 1 details.

What is GEC Hub?

GEC Hub (Global Electronic Commerce Hub) is Ford’s central messaging hub for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Managed File Transfer (MFT) between the internal Ford applications and the global trading partners such as Suppliers, Dealers, etc.  GEC Hub supports all major EDI standards (ANSI X12, UN/EDIFACT,) and XML.

Please read the following learning material to expand your knowledge and understanding GEC Hub:
GEC Hub Introduction

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