IMPORTANT: When calling the the help desk, always be prepared to provide the following information:
Sender ID, Receiver ID, Date, Time, Message Type, and Control Number (SNRF) or Range of Control Numbers

General Questions and Support

Support Channel Contact Information
Ford Internal Phone Number x74957
Ford Internal Website SPOC (ITSM #962/"IT - GECHB")
US Toll Free Phone Number 888-317-4957
US Toll Phone Number 313-317-4957

European GSEC Contact Information

Support Channel Contact Information
UK Internal Phone Number 87343322
UK External Phone Number 012-77253-322
Outside UK Phone Number 44-1277-253-322
GSEC-ES (Spain) EDI Phone: +34 96 179 1467 email:
GSEC-GB (UK and Erie) NON-EDI email:

Supplier Ratings

If you have questions regarding supplier ratings, please contact